Digitalia - VR-museum demo

Inside the museum you can view 3D-scans of real-life objects received from the Finnish Design Archives. The objects are miniature models that vary in shape and size, and they were originally used in the design of the actual products. You can freely inspect the objects from different angles in different lighting conditions. And you don't even need to worry about breaking them!

The museum is also fully dynamic: the environment is generated randomly every time you start the program, so you get a slightly different experience every time. No museum visit is identical to the previous one!

You can choose from three different museum templates - 2 with 3D models and 1 with images only. The environment is generated based on your choice.

Quick instructions:

  1. Click the download link below
  2. Extract the zip-file
  3. Open the folder titled "virtualmuseum"
  4. Run the file "VirtualMuseum.exe"
  5. Last step: have fun!

We have an instructional video as well. You can watch it below:

Additional steps for extending the museum (advanced users):
You can activate an additonal fourth museum template, and it is also possible to add your own 3D objects to create your own exhibitions. All of this can be achieved by manipulating the config.txt file under the "virtualmuseum" folder. Detailed instructions can be found inside the file.