Digitalia - 3D-VR demo

This page gives you access to the WebGL version of our WWII great raids visualization as well as the possibility to download the enhanced experience and run it locally. For a true VR experience with Oculus Rift VR-glasses please visit Digitalia office @ Xamk Mikkeli campus.

Please note! The application is quite large so loading & starting it as well as transitions from one scene to another will take time especially in an online experience. It might even take minutes, depending on your internet connection, cpu and display adapter. Browser might even state that the page is not responding but just be patient and wait :)

Downloading and running it locally gives more details and better gameplay but some integrated graphics might not be fast enough for having a good experience, but please feel free to try. E.g. Intel hd 520 is barely enough for a slow gameplay but during the run it ran out of memory..